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Create Mobile Account

Mobile flaru accounts connect through a web browser built into the MetaMask ethereum wallet. This allows for secure authentication on smart phones.

Step: 1

Get the MetaMask Phone App

Download and install MetaMask.

Android Ios

Step: 2


Load the MetaMask wallet app.

Open the web browser by tapping the icon.

Tap the search bar or magnifying glass, and type

Tap login at the top, and then tap connect

Your flaru account has now been created and logged in.

You have the option of becoming a member by obtaining flaru coin. It provides elite administrator privileges. Membership is anonymous, transferable, and has a monetary investment value. This will hide advertisements and enable searching of blocked websites.

Banned Websites

Step: 3

Get Flaru Coin

Buy it, get it from friends, or trade it on the decentralized exchange. Hold the required amount of flaru coin in your wallet to be authenticated as a member.

Membership Holding Amount: 10

Flaru Coin

Add Flaru Coin to the MetaMask watchlist.


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